Sunday, June 1, 2008

Greenhouse Warming: What Doesn't it Cause?

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Most scientists are quick to point out that no single weather event (Hurricane Katrina, the tornados this year, the tornado in LA, etc) can be blamed on greenhouse warming. After all, the atmosphere is incredibly complex and poorly understood. Who knows what would have happened if greenhouse warming were not occurring?

Well, by the same logic, EVERYTHING could be blamed on greenhouse warming. I mean, maybe hurricanes would have just stopped forming completely without greenhouse warming. Maybe unicorns would be shitting donuts down on the earth from above.

In this case, the fog pouring over the mountains is being caused by greenhouse warming. All of the CO2 emitting from the cars in LA (at the right side of the picture) is causing the air to rapidly heat and expand, which throws the fog over Mt Wilson in a frenzied attempt to escape the city. All of the other directions of escape for the fog are blocked by massive traffic jams.

When the fog gets into the mountains it sinks, because there are less cars there. See? It's simple. Also, in the back left you can see another tornado forming.

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