Friday, May 22, 2009

Tracking Radio-collared Hipsters

In 2001 the National Park Service started a project to fit 12 Hipsters with radio collars and track their movements. In the picture above, biologist Emmanuel tracks a hipster utilizing the 101 freeway as a connecting corridor between Silverlake and San Francisco. This corridor along Highway 101 is vital to hipster dispersal because the area between Silverlake and San Francisco is otherwise filled with habitats unsuitable for Hipsters, except for one coffee shop in San Luis Obispo.

In the last 5 years, a disturbing trend has been noted in Hipsters, with their population dropping by at least 80%. It is believed that some of them have entered torpor due to too much cocaine, while others have pupated and transformed into Yuppies or so-called "Indie-Kids". Projects like the one pictured above are vital in ensuring the survival of this strange, rare species.